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Bell is Canada’s leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions for large enterprises. ColorShadow provided the creative and technical strategies blueprint, design and development of a full-featured multimedia application in both web and CD-ROM formats for Bell Enterprise Group. The application included dynamic content that was applicable to its audience, video and narration, 3D animation and downloadable PDF product specifications.

Our clients are not simply “customers”, they are our partners in innovation and trusted members of our team.

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    From conceptualizing and fleshing out a basic idea, to gathering requirements and architecting the solution, we can help take that idea you scribbled on a paper napkin and build it, or even assist your tech team in your overall development cycle. As the touch points between your audience and technology become more complex, we take a holistic approach to engineering your solution, ensuring it is effective and relevant not only today, but capable of adapting to future changes.


    We help your business find value in the most unlikely places and enjoy change where there was only uncertainty. We make your work life easier, your productivity higher and your time more effective. ColorShadow consults in a variety of fields, including IT Transformation, Big Data, Process Management, Mobility, Globalization, Cloud, CRM, Analytics and Training. No matter what we are working on, you can be sure we work with you as a valued partner, not just a customer.


    While we strive to stay within your brand standards, we also recognize the web as a varying medium, one which sometimes requires a radically different approach. Design is not just about making things look nice; the effectiveness of your website's usability is a key success criteria for us.


    We embraced the paradigm shift to mobile usage and have been moving with the technological change to provide a variety of solutions for both mobile-first applications and responsive user interfaces. Mobile is where the world is headed, and no matter the smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, our solutions are delivering the best experience.


    Too much data, but not enough information? Isn't it time your company's deluge of data paid you back? We always work with the idea that the business with superior analytics will be the superior business. So don't be afraid of Big Data, we can help you contextualize the noise to create insight into your business performance and customer demands faster than ever before.


    We don't believe in "one solution fits all" - we use the one that's best suited to you. It will be one that delivers stability and performance, remains cost effective in ongoing management and, where required, integrates well with your existing systems. We have extensive expertise with both enterprise technologies as well as popular open-source technologies, and with our agile development approach we can deploy projects in record time compared to the traditional development cycle.


    So we finished architecting and building your new state of the art business solution. That does not mean our commitment to you ends there! We will either help or fully maintain the security, content, data, hardware and software building blocks of your business. We see ourselves as your partner; think of us as an extension of your Marketing and IT department all rolled into one. We don't even give you a cookie cutter Service Level Agreement; that, like the projects we guide you through, is also custom-tailored to suit your needs.

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